Cloud & Desktop IDE

Run Theia in Docker:
docker run -it -p 3000:3000 -v "$(pwd):/home/project:cached" theiaide/theia:next

Cloud and Desktop

Theia is entirely written in TypeScript and clearly separates the UI frontend from the backend. The frontend runs in modern browsers or as a Desktop app using Electron with either local or remote (cloud) backends.


Theia applications consist of extensions. Composing a custom IDE-like product is as easy as listing all needed extensions in a package.json file. Adding new functionality by implementing your own extensions or plug-ins is easy.

VS Code

VS Code Powered

Theia provides the VS Code experience in the browser. Developers familiar with Microsoft's great editor will find many familiar features and concepts, to minimze the gap when switching between desktop and cloud environment.

Theia is an extensible open-source framework to develop multi-language IDEs for the cloud and desktop using state-of-the-art web technologies.

Supports JavaScript, Java, Python and many more

Built on the Language Server Protocol, Theia benefits from a growing ecosystem of over 60 available language servers, delivering intelligent editing support for all major programming languages.

Integrated Terminal

Theia integrates a full featured terminal, that reconnects on browser reload keeping the full history.

Flexible Layout

Theia's shell is based on PhosphorJS, which provides a solid foundation for dragable dock layouts.